Outdated intra-factory logistics are troubling small and medium-sized manufacturing companies (SME), whose logistics can account up to half of total manufacturing costs. Innovations and new technological applications would tackle the production challenge, but they require strategic thinking, simulation, planning, re-skilling and access to finance. Lots of resources that most SMEs don’t have.  

L4MS aims to become a one-stop-shop for manufacturing SMEs that are looking for ways to boost their production and performance with the support of experts: our new logistics applications and a comprehensive network of professionals can help manufacturers to automate their intrafactory logistics with mobile robots and bring much needed flexibility to the solution. With L4MS manufacturers can get a cost-effective, easy-to-use and valuable update on your manufacturing process by relying on our IoT platform called OPIL and 3D factory simulation. If you are a manufacturing SME or a Mid-Cap looking to boost your production capacity and profits, L4MS for you. 

We offer new approach to automating indoor logistics

L4MS offers manufacturers and logistics companies new technology to completely digitalize intrafactory logistics with Industrial IoT platform OPIL (Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics) and a 3D simulation tool (Visual Components®). Connecting factory equipment to one IoT platform and testing the logistics process virtually enables cost-effective deployment of configurable human-robot logistics solutions.

Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics (OPIL) together with a 3D simulator (Visual Components) reduces the setup cost and time of mobile robots significantly. Connectivity enables the allows manufacturers to safely test, optimise and develop their intralogistical solution virtually first before final investment decisions. The goal of L4MS Open Call acceleration program is allow Application Experiments (teams of 2-3 partners) to use this technology as their basic resource and contribute – whenever possible - to further develop OPIL and its new functionalities. With a 3D simulator it is possible to conceive highly autonomous, configurable and hybrid (human-robot) logistics solutions driven by the business needs of the manufacturing SMEs. This allows deployment of exceptionally small and flexible logistics solutions requiring no infrastructure change, no production downtime and no in-house expertise, while making investment in logistics automation lucrative for small & medium-sized manufacturers.

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What else do we offer? 

8 / 2019(L4MS Open Call is the main mechanism how companies can apply for funding for their ideas. The project provides equity-free funding up to 250,000€ per team (Application Experiment) through two Open Call rounds (2018/2019) and we select 6 teams. Once manufacturing SME can team up with a system integrator, automation provider, mobile robot manufacturer to submit their proposal. Read more about the Open Call requirements here.
Thes second  Open Call is from September to 30th November  2019. 

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The best applicants with highest innovation potential will get access to:
  • Matchmaking with system integrators and mobile robots manufactures
  • Funding up to €250,000 (up to €100,000 per party. Please note that Funding will not be awarded to individual legal entities that have already received more than €100,000 via open calls (FSTP) from H2020 I4MS and SAE projects) 
  • State-of-the-art test environment within your region
  • Business developers for innovative business and service models
  • Technology expert for adopting the latest logistics automation solutions
  • Training to re-skill workers at your doorstep
  • Finance for scaling up the new business and service models

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L4MS Open Call - Guide For Applicants, FAQ's


L4MS Tutorial Videos on Youtube (OPIL, Open Call)

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