Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019


IML Fraunhofer won the Best Paper Award in Canada

A paper by IML Fraunhofer researchers, Peter Detzner, Thomas Kirks and Jana Jost won "Best Paper Award  at the 14th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE) in Canada.
Their paper, A Novel Task Language for Natural Interaction in Human-Robot Systems for Warehouse Logistics ,introduces a novel task description language for human-robot interaction in warehouse logistics to let human workers interact with robots in a natural way. Especially, in decentralized control systems with heterogeneous entities, humans have to retain control over the overall system. 
This work offers a simple way to build up teams consisting of humans and robots to efficiently use the capabilities of humans as well as robots. With the proposed system it is also possible to provide multi vendor-capabilities and allow an easy integration of robots. The paper provides a solution, starting from the user input, converting it into a domain specific language and showing also the execution in human-robot collaboration.
The Conference, held 19-21st August in Toronto, provides an international forum for presenting the most recent advances in the fields of Computer Science, Education, and related areas of Engineering and Advanced Technologies. 
IML Fraunhofer is one six Competence Centers in L4MS, developing Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics OPIL.