Marketplace: One-stop-shop for logistics

The Marketplace for manufacturers and technology providers will offer a ‘Catalogue of Services’ from the L4MS and DIH² project's consortium members: Competence Centres, Business Accelerators and Training experts. The goal is to connect especially European small & medium-sized manufacturers SME's with automation solution providers. 

European manufacturing SMEs and mid‐caps will be able to access and receive technological support for the automation of their process and expertise in adopting innovative business and/or service models. Marketplace will offer also access to finance and training courses to-reskill staff. These services will be provided regionally in Europe by a vast network of Digital Innovation Hubs.  

Marketplaces will offer:

  • Centralized brokerage of users and suppliers.This will take place with a registration and authentication process to ensure secure and efficient data communication. Suppliers will be able to create and maintain their profiles and key offerings.
  • Investment Diagnostic to help manufacturers estimate the needed investments for logistics automation or production robotization 
  • Training - Online courses offered for factory operators and business developers through a catalogue of training modules   
  • Digitalization auditing to help define an individual roadmap for manufacturing SMEs 
  • Access to Open Calls offered by EU-funded projects.

Open Calls to test the concept

Projects L4MS,  DIH² and SHOP4FC will launch Open Calls to select promising Application Experiments in 2019-2021. These experiments will be used as “proof of concept” to test the Marketplace (RAMP) and their functionalities. The experiments will help to confirm if the platform really contributes to reduce the installation, deployment and configuration time of industrial robotics to less than 4 weeks.

RAMP (Robotics Automation MarketPlace) is a B2B marketplace  to improve the adaptation of robotics in factories. RAMP is currently being developed in DIH2 and L4MS projects under Horizon2020 framework.

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Ali Muhammad, VTT
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