Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

L4MS present at Aarhuus IOTweek

If you are attending IOTWeek, make sure you mark in your calendar two sessions:

Wednesday 19th, 10:45AM
Panel: Strategic Value Networks for Industry 4.0  
9:45 AM  -  10:45 AM  |  Musikhuset Aarhus , Lille Sal
Presentation on Industrial IoT platform OPIL and case Chemi-Pharm
Juan Manuel Jauregui Becker

Thursday 20th
Workshop: I4MS: Opportunities for Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies at the Manufacturing Industry
 09:15 AM to 10:45 AM (1 hour 30 minutes) Musikhuset Aarhus - Room 224

In this workshop, I4MS will showcase 2019 funding opportunities in the EU manufacturing sector, especially aimed to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  This will be done by providing assistance with information, guidance, success cases and live Q&A to facilitate possible applicants to successfully apply for this funding for application experiments in the following technologies within their daily processes: 3D Printing and other AM activities, High-Performance Computing, Robotics, and CPS plus the Internet of things. There will be 4 open calls open in the second half of 2019, one of each Innovation Actions:;; and So far, I4MS -being supported by the European Commission-, has facilitated the investment of 140 million euros in supporting the digitalisation of the EU manufacturing since 2013. Now in phase 3, is enabling 34 million to implement application experiments through the following innovation actions. The event will be led by Sanyu Karani (CEO, FundingBox), Juan Manuel Jauregui (MWC head of EU projects, I4MS and L4MS), and Antonio J. Jara (CEO, Hop Ubiquitous) and the agenda still open to gather as many insights as possible.