Application Experiments

L4MS selects and funds total of 12 teams (Application Experiments) through two Open Calls in 2018 / 2019. The goal of these experiments is to fund teams of manufacturing SMEs and technology providers, to test and devleop factory logistics using OPIL IoT platform in real factory setting and to test the solution virtually first (Visual Components).

Test-before-invest approach helps smaller companies to develop customized automation solutions faster and cheaper thanks to OPIL's open source architecture. This brings much needed flexibility for manufacturers' specific business needs.

All the selected Application Experiments receive funding from L4MS to use OPIL IoT platform as their basic resource and contribute – whenever possible - to further develop its functionalities in logistics automation. Each team will receive also business & technical mentoring from L4MS experts. 


The first 6 teams were selected to L4MS in 2018 - Take a look at their logistics solutions & benefits of L4MS










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