Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Manufacturing challenges in Denmark

A new open call has opened for L4MS, and a lot has happened since the programme kicked off last year. Business Development Manager of Co-Innovation Peter Falk, Odense Robotics gives his insights on Denmark’s manufacturing sector, what challenges companies face when investing in advanced technologies and how projects like L4MS might help.

What are the main challenges among SMEs in investing in new technologies?

One of the main challenges today is the fact that companies do not have the necessary knowledge regarding the opportunities of the latest technologies. And often even if they do find the relevant information, they have difficulties seeing the value of implementing the technology in their company and what kind of effect it can have on their manufacturing. 

Are there some key figures from Denmark’s manufacturing industry that seem particularly promising or discouraging? 

The wages in Denmark are quite high, which is why the automatising of manual work could benefit companies as well as push people education-wise. After all, automatising optimises workflows, saves employees from doing repetitive tasks and creates more jobs.

How do you see programmes like L4MS could help the Danish manufacturing industry / service providers? Where do you see the potential hidden?

For many years, manufacturing has been outsourced to other countries, but with the constant developments within robotics and automation more production can now be done in Denmark. L4MS has the potential to help remove the risks new tech can bring due to the financial support that goes along with the programme.

How do you see Denmark's manufacturing industry developing over the next 3-5 years? What kind of technological leaps might be expected?

Mobile robots are still going extremely strong due to the success of Mobile Industrial Robot. Interest for the field has increased and the two largest robotics companies in Denmark, Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots, have now moved their manufacturing to Denmark, as the efficiency and possibilities of mobile robots and new technology has made Danish manufacturing possible again.


Peter Falk
Odense Robotics
Business Development Manager, Co-Innovation

Odense Robotics is one of five Industry Association partners in the L4MS Consortium


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