IMECC Ltd (Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre) is a high-tech consortium which is owned by several Estonian industrial companies and Tallinn University of Technology as science partner. IMECC is a SME, founded in 2009. IMECC's main activities are research and development in the fields of digital manufacturing, process automation, mechatronics, and materials technology. IMECC manages and participates in several national and international projects (e.g. Erasmus+, Interreg, I4MS, ERDF etc) as well as offers several different services to companies. IMECC has played active role also in competence development process, e.g. by publishing handbooks, organising trainings and workshops to the companies. Mission of IMECC is helping to increase sustainability and competitiveness of Estonian companies and strengthen position of Estonian manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally by offering high-tech solutions and engineering support. For this purpose, IMECC cooperates tightly with different national and international educational institutions and companies (e.g. from Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Latvia etc).

List of equipment
  • Cooperation partner Association of Mechatronics has very modern flexible manufacturing system (FMS) located in the same facilities on ground floor which is possible to use for research work. At the same place operates also Sumar Tools which has CNC machine tools, working centres, measurement machine and laser welding equipment which are possible to use for research work and projects. Also it is possible to use laboratories and equipment of Tallinn University of Technology (e.g. 3D printer, additive layer technology for rapid prototyping, 3D scanner, different measurement and testing devices and systems, etc.), IMECC’s owners and consortium partners.
  • IMECC is owned by 12 industrial companies and Tallinn University of Technology, also has several companies in its projects’ consortium whom infrastructure, resources and labs are at IMECC’s disposal if needed. IMECC is located at the same premises and makes tight cooperation with Association of Mechatronics, incl. in operation of flexible manufacturing system (FMS).
  • IMECC will contribute with its partners ITT Group and Tallinn University of Technology by providing experimental robot platform which has been developed as scientific and industrial algorithm test platform. ITT Group has also modular mobile robot on-board data communication and control solution which can be easily exploited to another mobile robot platform like autonomous farm tractor seen in picture below.
imecc1 imecc2
imecc3 imecc4


List of services
  • Engineering services (e.g. recommendations for technology choice, cost calculations, technology audit, technological preparation of production, consulting on monitoring and robotics etc.)
  • Training (e.g. organising different kind of trainings, organizing conferences, organising composing and publishing of textbooks and special literature, elaboration of training methodologies, etc.)
  • Project services (administering and managing of projects, composing project applications, etc.)
Future investments
  • Robotics democentre in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, where is foreseen novel robot cell for servicing an equipment, robot cell for logistics operations and robot cell for assembly, CP factory as complex system for machining and assembly based on Industry 4.0 ideology
  • ALT technology implementation machine tool for manufacturing workpieces of metallic powder (in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology)
  • Acoustics laboratory in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology
Regional ecosystem and business plan

IMECC – Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre – is located in Tallinn, Estonia, in the campus of Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol where are situated over 200 companies, Tallinn University of Technology and IT College. In the campus, there are over 3500 employees in different companies, 14000 students and 1300 scientists and researchers. By legal status, IMECC is a SME that is owned by private industrial companies and Tallinn University of Technology as a science partner. By its nature, IMECC is non-profit organisation that’s profit, if earned, is reinvested to R&D activities, development of the organisation and covering self-contribution of the projects. IMECC manages and participates in several national and international projects (Erasmus+, Interreg, I4MS, ERDF etc). IMECC’s most large scale R&D project at the moment is „Smart manufacturing and material technologies competence centre“ (EU48685) which is co-financed from ERDF and supported by state organisation Enterprise Estonia. The project’s duration is 7.5 years (01.09.2015 – 31.12.2022), total budget over 10 M Euros and it is directed to improve the competitiveness of Estonian industry by offering Estonian companies support and help in R&D activities and tightening cooperation between companies, universities and other educational and research institutions mainly in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics, but also in other fields of manufacturing industry.

Estonian Entrepreneurship Growth Strategy 2014-2020 is focusing to increase the productivity, develop products and services with high added value and to ensure globally competitive Estonian business environment. IMECC’s strategies correspond to the abovementioned strategy lines, following the Estonian priority growth areas “Information and communication technology (ICT)” and “More efficient use of resources” horizontally through all sectors.

IMECC’s business plan for next 10 years states the objective to become independent, nationally and internationally recognised competence centre offering fast and cost-effective support in the Baltics region in the field of integrated manufacturing systems, including CPS. Providing IoT services for intensive knowledge generation and management to support end to end engineering and horizontal integration across the entire value network for development and effective implementation of smart robot-based reconfigurable manufacturing systems play important place in IMECC’s future visions.

The most of the industrial companies in Baltic states are micro companies (up to 10 employees) and small and medium companies (10-250 employees) (together about 95% of the whole number of companies). Small and medium companies with number of employees between 30-170 need automation but often lack knowledge and human resources for that. IMECC’s role is to help them in engineering solutions and automation, including in the field of logistics.

Long-term success of IMECC is based on gathering knowledge through different projects and to develop its portfolio of products and services as well as employees through the obtained knowledge to be able to provide companies fast and cost-effective solutions and support. This assures also that the knowledge and results of the projects will live further also after the end of the project.